Defender of Play 5K

Calling all super heroes and heroines!  Join forces with the Homeless Children’s Playtime Project and tackle this fun-filled run and walk in celebration of moms! May 10,...

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Still Hopeful for Relisha Rudd!

We are greatly appreciative of the outpouring of love and support our community has received since Relisha’s disappearance. As officials continue the investigation, we come...

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Help us find Relisha Rudd

As many of you know, Relisha is one of our Playtime participants. Our staff and volunteers are on full alert and working with the media and police to help with the ongoing...

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Spring Back-to-School Needs!

We do backpack drives twice a year to meet the ensure that our youth can put their best foot forward in school throughout the year, but we could not do it without the generosity...

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Seeking Saturday Volunteers

Do you belong to a congregation or community group that is looking for a service project? We have just the opportunity for you! DC General Shelter is the largest family shelter...

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Bathing not a right of homeless families?

That’s what the city argued in court last week when faced with a lawsuit about the use of rec centers as emergency shelters. There has been a whirlwind of press recently...

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What We Do

We believe that play is a human right that all children deserve, regardless of housing status. We seek to help create a city that provides every opportunity for homeless children to succeed by advocating for affordable housing and safe shelters for all families. Since 2004, our trained and screened volunteers provide weekly activities, healthy snacks, [...]

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Why Play?

While it is well-documented that homelessness causes physical, emotional, and developmental harm to children, the resources that serve them are shrinking and largely inaccessible. Children are often left to manage the trauma of homelessness on their own, and consequently, a disproportionate number of children in shelters suffer from emotional, behavioral, and learning problems. A recent [...]

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Get Involved

Ways to  get involved with the Homeless Children’s Playtime Project: Volunteer training occurs once a month and there’s always a drive going on. View our immediate needs and learn more about all the ways you can give back…

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Bradley, Volunteer Site Coordinator

“I love playtime because the children exemplify resiliency and perseverance. Your thought each week is that you are going there to support the children and each week you leave reflecting how much they helped you.”

Sabrina, Volunteer Site Coordinator

“One of my most favorite memories and what keeps me going is remembering my little two year old buddy, who could barely talk, look up at me and exclaim “Playtime! Happy!” and seeing the giant grin on his face. Reminds me of why we do what we do!”

Laura, Volunteer Site Coordinator

“Playtime is the highlight of my week. The children have been through so much and have endured so many hardships, but they are still able to find smiles, laughter, and happiness while they experience the sheer joy of being a child and playing. And for two hours each week, I get to experience this joy with them.”

Darin, Volunteer Site Coordinator

“Playtime is a wonderful organization that allows me to balance the stress that comes with working in DC, meet new friends, help out others and gain some perspective on what is really important in life. Playtime is the biggest thing I look forward to each week, and I’d probably be at a loss without it. I get as much, if not more, out of Playtime than I give to all the children I interact with on a weekly basis.”

Dana, Volunteer Site Coordinator

“My favorite part of Playtime is that it provides a space for kids to be themselves. There’s nothing better than being handed a homemade ticket for a dance performance to be held at the end of the night and seeing 10 children proudly express their creativity by singing, dancing and playing.”

Robin, Volunteer Site Coordinator

“Through Playtime Project, I’ve been able to meet so many wonderful children and families who have taught me to be more compassionate. The children in particular remind me every week with their smiles and bravery that we should appreciate what we have and help others as best as we can.”

Lauren, Volunteer Site Coordinator

“One of the most important things kids learn at playtime is that they are valued and worthy of the time and attention of caring adults in the community. I love watching kids’ confidence grow as they get that message week after week!”

Playtime Parent

“What homeless families are going through; not every situation is the same. Some have lost jobs, homes, family members, or had illness in the family…it’s just not ‘We don’t want to work.’ People look at you thinking you’re a disgrace, but each homeless person needs to be treated as an individual because each situation is different. It can happen to anybody.”

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