The Ages and Stages of Play

Posted by on May 25, 2011 in Playtime Live |

Despite the popularity of expensive electronic toys, classic toys – such as wooden blocks – are actually more likely to keep a child’s attention over time. As they grow and develop, children are able to use basic toys in different ways, and you can expect to see children of different ages interact differently with the same toy.

For example, children of all ages enjoy playing with a rubber ball. A 6-month-old will just enjoy touching and feeling the ball. By 18 months, most children will be able to throw the ball overhand. And by age 3, kids can usually kick and catch the ball.

Read this article on to learn more about how kids at different stages use balls, blocks, crayons, stuffed animals, puzzles, and toy instruments.  Take these differences into consideration when deciding how to use a particular toy with a child, and enjoy using these great basics at Playtime!