5 Reasons Children Need PLAY in School!

Posted by on Aug 24, 2012 in Research |

As school begins, KaBoom! , an amazing organization that is devoted to promoting play (and that donated our fabulous “Playgrounds in a Box”), has a great list of 5 reasons why kids need play in school!

For example, did you know that Finnish children, who receive an average of 75 minute of recess a day, routinely rank higher in International Student Assessment Scores than American children, who receive an average of about 26 minutes of recess a day?

Or that the decrease of play in the U.S. is linked to problems like childhood obesity, ADHD, and stunted social & cognitive development?

For more reasons why it is so important that kids play in school, read the rest of KaBoom’s article!

And visit KaBoom’s research page for an incredible wealth of studies & resources about the importance of play.