Tip of the Week: Never Underestimate Your Presence!

Posted by on Sep 18, 2012 in Volunteer |

As the saying goes, “The world is run by those who show up.” 
One of our volunteers came to us through the White House Internship Program this summer. At the end of her time here, she wrote to us to tell us what an impact Playtime had on her. She gave us permission to share her story: 
I have been homeless twice in my life. The first time, I was an infant, and my mother, brother, and I lived in a car. The second time, I was 17 and my adoptive mother told me she didn’t want me around anymore…the degradation of not feeling a part of a family, of always feeling like a burden, is something I will never forget. For the past four years, I’ve had a place of my own and a network of friends who care deeply about my well-being. I know that homelessness does not end until until a person finds both of these things. The Homeless Children’s Playtime Project has the potential to help children make the kinds of connections with peers that break cycles of poverty and abuse.
You never know who you are volunteering with side-by-side, or what the children you are playing with are going through. So whenever you have doubts about the importance of your presence at Playtime, remember that you are what makes Playtime possible. You are Playtime. You make a difference that you may never realize the full impact of. But the children know, and so do we!