These Monsters Make Learning Shapes Fun!

Posted by on Oct 17, 2012 in Playtime Live |

 One of the Playtime Project’s October curriculum themes is “Monsters,” and this colorful activity is a great way to help kids learn their shapes while also getting in the Halloween spirit!

Before you get started, make sure you know what level of shape & color recognition you should expect from children of different ages:

By age 2: Begin sorting by shape & color
By age 3: Copies a circle
By age 4: Draws circles & squares: copies square shapes; correctly names some colors
By age 5: Copies triangles & other geometric patterns; correctly names at least 4 colors.

Help kids develop these skills with these cute & kooky Shape Monsters:

Bright colored paper
Black paper

1 .Cut out large shapes from the colored paper: squares, rectangles, circles, diamonds, triangles . . . these will be the heads/bodies of the monsters
** Bonus developmental fact: Most children should be able to use scissors by age 4!

2 .Cut out other shapes to be eyes, teeth, mouths, arms, legs or anything else you think might be fun to make monsters!

3. Glue them together! This is a super simple project, but the result is adorable & kids will get lots of experience identifying shapes & colors.

Happy Monster Making!

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