“This is a Wonderland!”

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“This is a Wonderland!”

Being homeless is challenging experience for anyone, no matter what their age. Imagine being an active toddler, exploring your world from the confines of a shelter. It is these children who are the focus in our baby room at DC General, where Playtime provides an amazing, light-filled space for infants aged 6 months to 2 years old.

The cheerful, yellow walls of the Playtime baby room create a space where children can experience the joy of play in a safe, loving environment. With developmentally-appropriate toys and dedicated volunteers to read, sing and play with children, we help foster developmental milestones against the backdrop of an otherwise stark environment.

“This is a Wonderland!”

One evening this winter, a father came in to pick up his 2-year-old daughter from the baby room at DC General. She started giggling when she saw him, and then turned and ran away. The father, a tall man with big tennis shoes, called from the doorway. “It’s time to go!” But his little girl was having such a good time playing. She pouted, she hid, she ran. She didn’t want to leave Playtime.

Finally, it became clear that Dad would have to come in and scoop up the little one if she was ever going to leave. He stepped apologetically across the room filled with volunteers and other babies playing with their toys.

The little girl laughed as her father picked her up and began to carry her towards the door. “This is a wonderland! She doesn’t want to leave!” he exclaimed. “Thank you so much. We’ll be back next week.”

Moments like these are happening every week at Playtime. Are you ready to get involved?

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