Out of DC General and Off to College!

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Out of DC General and Off to College!

Destyni has been living at DC General with her family for almost a year, and she’s ready for a change of scenery.

Unlike many of the young people living in DC’s largest family shelter, Destyni’s chance is coming very soon. She recently learned that she has been accepted into a fantastic college in New England. Not only was she accepted, she has been offered a full ride – and she hasn’t even heard back from her other options yet!

This good news isn’t an accident. Destyni has been working hard to make her dreams of college and life success a reality. By day, she studies at Roosevelt State High School in the District, and in the evenings she takes additional classes that are speeding up her education. Destyni is only 16 years old, but this fall she’ll be headed off to college.

What will she study? “Education,” she says, “because I want to be a principal someday.” That’s not surprising: Destyni attributes her own success to the dedication of her principal at Roosevelt, and to the teachers that are equipping her with the skills she needs to make a difference in the world. Thanks to the care and support of many adults in her life – including the amazing staff and volunteers at Teen Night – Destyni is on her way to life beyond DC General.

And Destyni is already finding ways to give back. This winter the principal and a vice-principal of her school were victims of a shooting, and Destyni has been active in providing support and encouragement to them as they recover. In spite of the challenges that Destyni and her family have faced, she demonstrates the kind of fierce resiliency that contributes to the well-being of those around her.

We know that Destyni will succeed, because of her incredible drive and determination. When asked about how she feels to be headed off to college a year early, she says “I just wish I hadn’t messed around so much in high school; otherwise, I’d already be at college.” We still think graduating a year early is pretty good.

The whole Playtime community is so proud of Destyni and her accomplishments. We hope you’ll join us in celebrating her success, and considering the many ways that you can support our young people as they overcome difficult circumstances.

One very tangible way you can help Destyni get off to a good start at college is by donating to her “trunk party.” Her community will be filling the trunk of the car she’ll take to college with many of the items she’ll need for her university life. Are you interested in contributing to Destyni’s college trunk? Send an email to Site Manager Michelai Lowe for more information.