NASA Pays a Visit to Playtime!

Posted by on Jun 6, 2016 in Featured Stories |

Have you ever met an astronaut? The teens and preteens at DC General have!

Last month, we were thrilled to welcome the first African American head of NASA, Administrator Charles Bolden, to visit us in the Playtime Preteen & Teen Space, and tell us about his experience as the top spaceflight official for the United States. This is the sixth year of our partnership with NASA who sends us their top astronauts to inspire Playtime explorers every year.

Mr. Bolden, who grew up in the segregated south and went onto become a veteran of four space flights, encouraged every child to pursue their dreams, no matter how incredible they might seem. By telling his story of achievement and high-flying adventure, the preteens and teens were inspired to reach further in their studies and plans for future careers.

NASA Administator Bolden speaks to DC General teens

Administrator Bolden spoke with the teens about his leadership of NASA and experiences in space. The teens and preteens asked dozens of good questions, wanting to know how asteroids come to earth, whether there are aliens, and when human beings will travel to Mars.

NASA Administator Bolden speaks to DC General teens

Everyone was eager to hear about Mr. Bolden’s experiences in space, his plans currently underway to send the first astronaut to Mars in 2030, and learning about the many different ways that a person can become involved in the space program.

NASA Administator Bolden signs a teen's backpack

Administrator Bolden gave each young person a NASA backpack and took time to sign autographs!

NASA Administator Bolden and Jamila Larson

Playtime’s Executive Director Jamila Larson and all the volunteers were star-struck.

Group photo with NASA Administator Bolden

We’re so grateful to NASA and Administrator Bolden for inspiring the next generation of explorers!