Meet December’s Volunteer of the Month

Posted by on Dec 5, 2017 in Featured Stories, Volunteer |

December’s Volunteer of the Month is Sean Dalby, who joined Playtime as a Play Ranger in April 2017. He volunteers once a week at DASH Cornerstone Transitional Living Program.

“Sean does a great job with the older boys at DASH,” said Tora Burns, DASH Site Manager. “He is basically an accessory for the playground because they use him to climb and jump!”

Why did you initially get involved in Playtime?
After the election, I wanted to become a more active member of my community. Playtime offers a pretty direct way to help families in my neighborhood, so it seemed strongly preferable to knocking on doors or phone banking for issues at some remove, or on behalf of abstract principles.

How has volunteering with Playtime affected you?
Well, hanging out with kids is great. It’s refreshing to spend time with people whose top priority is not getting tagged. Personally, Playtime is a good place to set aside the concerns of my daily life for two hours or so.

Share a memorable moment as a Playtime volunteer.
One time on our way to the pool, one of our kids asked me if I would rather be a famous musician with no talent, or be an unknown, talented musician. It’s a fun question coming from an inquisitive, precocious kid, and we debated both sides for a bit, eventually settling on talented, but unknown. It felt particularly rewarding to know that he wanted to discuss a topic with me that had relatively deeper values at stake.

What else do you want people to know about your work with Playtime?
Playtime reinforces the truth of a simple point: making a positive impact in the world frequently doesn’t require mastery of a complicated argument or knowledge of an intricate system. It just requires time and effort, often in straightforward ways. Single, homeless parents need help with their kids sometimes, and Playtime provides that help directly and consistently. So, if you want a sure way to contribute to a good cause, I couldn’t recommend Playtime more highly.

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