Family Homelessness

Families experiencing homelessness have come to represent the majority of the total homeless population in the District of Columbia, due in large part by the increasing housing costs in the city. Whether generational poverty or an acute crisis is at the root of a family’s homelessness, there is trauma associated with any loss of housing. Furthermore, children bear the brunt of homelessness.

How do families become homeless?

SuitcaseFamilies with children find themselves homeless in the District of Columbia for a variety of reasons. Rising rent costs, landlords selling property, family crises like job loss, parental incarceration, domestic violence, medical problems, mental health problems, fire, and often a combination of many factors. Often times, there is trauma associated with a family’s journey to homelessness. What may start out with a family crisis becomes a knock on the door by the U.S. Marshals and all of their earthly possessions being put out on the street during an eviction.

Where does a family go?

Most families move in temporarily with family or friends or stay in a hotel. This can cause tremendous strain on a family’s financial resources and on the social supports of whomever they are living with. Thousands of children and their families find themselves in a desperate enough situation to apply for emergency shelter each year in D.C. The Virginia Williams Family Resource Center is the entry-point to the city’s family shelter system. Because there are so few shelter beds available, families must go through great lengths to prove they are homeless.

Homelessness has no season. To ensure that families have affordable housing opportunities and a safety net for when crises occur, we desperately need advocates to ensure that services that prevent homelessness and help families return to self-sufficiency remain a priority.


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How does play help children heal from the traumas of homelessness? 

Fact – The Washington Legal Clinic for the Homeless

Year round, there are only 332 emergency shelter units for families. In the winter of 2016-2017, 600 homeless families were placed in motels.