Our Volunteers

Photo by Rebecca Staple

Our volunteers provide children living in temporary housing with the freedom to learn and heal through play. They encourage and support positive emotional development for one of the most vulnerable populations in the District. All on their own time. Without our volunteers, Playtime would not be the effective and dynamic organization that it is. 

Photo by Rebecca Staple

Each month, we recognize a Play Ranger volunteer for their enthusiasm, passion, and commitment for the children of Playtime.



There’s more! Elizabeth Botten, a volunteer in the Baby Room at D.C. General, shared her thoughts on the benefits of volunteering and what it means to be a Playtime volunteer in our blog. And Play Rangers Rachel and Nikki offered a matching gift for our fall fundraising campaign.

Here are three examples of outstanding volunteers, who were honored in 2017 for their dedicated service to Playtime:

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